Sunflowers 1.jpg
Sunflower field 2 stages.jpg
road in Gascony region france.jpg
Onion crop.jpg
 Cecile & Jean-Francoise Berthollet’s pig farm
 Cecile Berthollet at her bakery on her wheat farm.
Olive Boules.jpg
corn bread.jpg
 Armagnac producer Alexander Ladevese at his shop in the town of Fourcés
 Dominique and Christian Chapold selling their pork products from their farm at a local farmers market
 Farmer’s market in the town of Lavardac
FM Flower Man@20.jpg
 Snails being served up at the night farmer’s market in the town of Le Fréchou
 Alex King at Kate Hills’s Farm
 Duck being prepared at Kate Hill’s Farm
 Guest trailer at Hill Farm
Farm Hill Farm 2@20.jpg
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